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Weathered Barns

Where my family and I live, the country side is full of old family barns. Some are just barely standing and some have seen their better days. There are many new barns on the landscape too. However, the old ones with weathered wood and peeling paint always catch my attention. I imagine when the family first built them and the hopes and dreams they held for their families. It is such a part of America. I purposely made the paintings simple, because I thought the barns were the important part. There are a series of four paintings.

These are original acrylic paintings that I have painted on gesso board. The paintings are 8X8 inch paintings. Perfect for anyone that likes farm house decor. You can see them on my  Etsy Shop 

72 dpiBarn 102 72 dpiBarn 103 72dpiBarn 104 72 dpi


Roosters Every Where!

Rooster 101 150 dpiRooster 102 150dpi

I have been painting up a storm! I hadn’t painted in a while and my daughter wanted some paintings for her birthday. She had redecorated her down stairs, she is in love with navy blue now. I did some practice paintings to get over being rusty , she snatched them up. So it was on to creating the ones she had specified that she wanted. Well the muse had hit! I couldn’t stop painting so I have the paintings above and more on my Etsy shop .

Since we live on a small farm, we of course love the farm house look.  I think it is special as it  has such a comforting, comfortable feeling.

Blue & White Quilt

This quilt was created from fabric I had stashed away for years. I did buy a piece of navy fabric for the border. I have been determined to use up the fabric I have left over from other quilts. I have several more quilts ready to be quilted. I can’t wait to quilt them on my sister’s new machine. She bought a Baby Lock Jazz that was on sale for a ridiculously low price. So far so good on the machine, so much easier to quilt on then a regular sewing machine. I have quilted a queen size quilt on a regular sewing machine, not easy but it can be done.  My daughter is particularly happy about this one since she just did her room in shades of blue.

I am excited to share with you some of my designs that Roostery  is now carrying in bedding.  You can get pretty much any of my designs in sheets, duvet covers and pillows.

You can mix and match sheets, pillows and duvet covers.  However I do not think all my designs translate into bedding. Like my tea towel designs I think work better as just tea towels. It is unfortunate that the images below aren’t the best but that is the best images I could get at the moment. They show up better on Roostery.Southwest of DenverUntitled-3Hannah La ChanceHannah La Chance Houndstooth Duvet Cover





Quilt blocks for my Farm Life quilt, quilt block #2 is one of the blocks I designed to use in the quilt. Quilt block #4 was also used I just flipped it over for every other one.


quilt block2

Quilt Block 2


quilt block 4

Quilt Block 4

Dear Friends and Family

I’m excited to share with you a new fabric collection I designed! The name of the new collection is titled, “Farm Life,” which is the life I so happily live. I have been eagerly waiting to show you the designs but I wanted to get the quilts I designed to go with the collection completed first.

I would also like to share with you is the new way Spoonflower has created for you to order fabric! It is called Fill-A-Yard. I used Fill-A-Yard to help design my Farm Life quilt. With Fill-A-Yard you simply select a collection of fabric on Spoonflower then you select from 5 different Fill-A-Yard options and finally you select the type of fabric you would like to have the designs to be printed on. For my quilts, I used Vertical Split Yard and Horizontal Split Yard on Kona Cotton. This may sound complicated but I promise it is super simple.

farmlife quilt 1 photo 2

You can see how I used Fill-A-Yard on this quilt

farmlife quilt 2 photo 34

twin Quilt Pattern

The layout I chose to use with Fill-A-Yard


Like every summer this one has been a busy one. As you know my family lives on a small farm and the old proverb always applies each summer, you have to make hay while the sun shines. In addition, to literally making hay, there are lawns to mow, sometimes four hours to get it all done! Weeds, weeds and more weeds to pull. Berries to pick

quilt 3

I designed this quilt using up left over fabric from the original quilt

and freeze so that as soon as the weather cools I can get jam done before it is time to pick and can pears and apples. This year we didn’t have a garden as my hubby and I were busy finishing his sister’s new house that he built for her. (That is a tease about my other design collection, I will be releasing soon.)

Farm Life is busy and hard work but I wouldn’t trade it for any other life. The awe it inspires when the tiny little things you planted and tended bear fruit. Your grandson wants to know if there is anything left to pick. It is true that home grown things taste so much better than store bought. When you have canned more than 40 pints of home grown and canned jam and your son gets bummed out because you run out of jam!

Other than family and farm life, I love to create surface designs and have Spoonflower print my designs into fabric. Then I can create quilts or maybe make clothes for my daughters, and once in a while I squeeze clothes in for myself. Sometimes I get to share them with you!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me.

Here is a link to my Farm Life Collection:

Here is a link to my Spoonflower page:

Here is a link to Spoonflower’s Fill-A-Yard:

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