Here are a couple of sets of Baby girl quilts I have put in my Etsy Shop.

They are from my fabric collection Sweet Baby. The quilts are reversible and printed on Petal Signature Cotton at #Spoonflower in the USA. They are whole cloth quilts. DSC05319

Each quilt comes with a luxurious flannel receiving blanket


My latest Baby quilt in my Etsy Shop


Ryder DSC05196


We had the most fun taking photos of Ryder, she is a natural model. You would have thought she was professional model. She almost had us in tears watching her.

I made this dress for my Grand Niece Ryder. The fabric is from my collection Cow Girl on Spoonflower  

A great way to freshen up your room. Roostery is having a sale until April 19, 2019. 04152019-Designer-Pillow-IGfeed 2





Binding a quilt

I wanted to share with you my favorite way to bind a quilt. First you need to measure the length and add the size of width, multiply times 2 you will have the length of binding you will need ( length & width X 2 plus a little extra). Of course I add about 10 inches to the total length of binding I will need. You will eventually figure out what a comfortable extra length you will need to make sure you don’t run out. I then cut the binding in about 3 1/2 inches width plus what ever length I needed. Then joining the binding, seems simple but I have managed to get it wrong. Lay the right sides together, laying one piece east to west and one north to south, image 1. Sew diagonally from left to right and trim.


image 1

joining binding

image 2

fold binding

image 3

Fold in half length wise wrong sides together. Press and you are ready! Image 3 shows how I am going to join the binding when I am finished. My sister showed me how to do this. She had seen it on the internet, I don’t know who she got it from but bless them as it makes a nice finish. I always sew my binding on the back side of the quilt. I get a nice front edge that way.  In image 4, I have started the binding by pinning it in place I have folded it so that when the binding gets sewn to this point you can slip the end into this fold and finish it nicely. More on that later. Where you have pinned the fabric you will start sewing the binding on to the back at least 5 inches away from this folded edge.

setting up binding for finish

image 4


image 5

In image 5 it shows how to start to make the mitered corner. You have laid the binding out matching the edge of the quilt. Then in the corner you pull the binding up until you can see the diagonal fold. then you carefully fold the fabric back down until edges of binding are even with the edge of the quilt and pin see image 6. When you sew the binding in place and you come to the corner, unfold the fold, sew the binding, leaving unsewn the amount that will be your seam allowance see image 9. Refold corner after sewing to seam allowance. Then sew along seam allowance see image 10, continuing along and mitering corners. Make sure to not sew top of miter.


image 6

showing corner

image 7

showing how to join bindin at finish

image 8


image 9


image 10

joining the ends of binding

image 11

ready to sew ends

image 12

Tuck end of binding smoothly in to the fold we had previously left unsewn, finish sewing binding. Then turn binding to front of quilt, carefully trim edge of fabric in corners see image 13. Carefully fold in miter on corners. sew close to edge and you will have a quilt you can be proud of. See images 13 thru 15. Hopefully I made this easy to follow if not please let me know.


image 13


image 14


image 15


finished quilt. image 16


Little Cow Girl Cheater Quilt DSC05097

For your little cow girl my newest cheater quilt on Spoonflower 

Great way to make a special gift for the newest little girl in your life. Or if you just want to have the special gift at your next baby shower.

Southwestern Blanket

southwest blanket

I have just finished this design to be included in my collection Arizona 2, It is available at my #Spoonflower Shop

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