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I decided it would be fun to take a couple of my tea towels and create a purse out of them.

I lined the inside with canvas I had on hand ( all a part of cleaning up and out my sewing room). The top of the purse was trimmed with the canvas as well.  It seemed to need a little fringe to dress it up.

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I decided it was high time I cleaned up my sewing room! I do like order and cleanliness, I really do. However, it would seem like there is a little devil in my room when I want to create a new design. It must make sure to pull out every scrap of fabric I have and scatter it about so that is not a bare spot in the room. Spools of thread scatter and scissors are buried some where underneath the piles. Sparks of creativity then seem to flow. I manage to get something sewn, not always am I happy with the results. This then goes in the pile of I will do something with it later. There is a pattern here, I can’t bear to throw out fabric!

If I make a quilt or pillow shams and there are scraps left, I know I will do something with it later. Later is here and I decided a good use for some of the scraps would be purses. Quite a few of them that I made lately I don’t have here to take pictures of and share with you. Our youngest daughter was home for the holidays taking a break from college and she felt it her duty to help me out by taking them with her.




The purse pictured above is from scraps left over from making quilted pillow shams a couple of years ago. Yes I knew I wouldn’t let that go to waste! Success!



The lace was left over too. However, I had to buy some grey fabric to line it with. It is a vicious circle huh!  I would like to only buy as much fabric as I need at a time, there is that devil again.


I added inside pockets and magnetic snaps.

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Spoonflower is having a sale yeah!  Until 10 am EST Nov. 9 th. you can buy 2 fat Quarters for the price of one. Now is the time to stock up. Calendar tea towels from your favorite designer would be great gifts for yourself or to give to someone special. You can also buy fat quarters of other fabric from your favorite designer for a project you have been waiting to do.


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Here is my 2017 Tea Towel design at Spoonflower. I think it has a vintage feel to it. Of course I love the colors! Last year I designed my first tea towel calendar and it got such a great response I had to create one for 2017. Hope you like it.


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I have been sewing some of my tea towel designs. I decided to make tea towels for my grandson’s teacher. I thought it would be nice for her to have something to remember him with. Of course he is adorable and who could forget him! So I thought I would share with you the least expensive way to make my tea towels. I print the towels on Linen-Cotton fabric and I have four towels to a yard of fabric that way each towel is less expensive.  After you have ordered the tea towel fabric from my Spoonflower Shop , I always wash the fabric before cutting or sewing with a mild detergent, not using fabric softener but using 1/2 to 1 cup white vinegar to the rinse water. Fabric softener makes the towels less absorbent, white vinegar makes them soft but still absorbent.

I trim the selvage edge.Then I fold the fabric in half, press, cut along the pressed line. Some times the salvage edges are different widths. So please don’t just fold the fabric in half and cut. Remember measure twice and cut once.Then I have two towels still together that need to be cut apart. I then serge the edges flat. Fold the serged edge over to the wrong side of the fabric  press. Stitch along the edge of the serged edge. You now have a gift for someone special. 















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Here Birdie, Birdie Baby Quilt

Here Birdie, Birdie Baby Quilt

Here Birdie, Birdie Baby Quilt

Here Birdie, Birdie Baby Quilt

I wanted to share this quilt pattern with anyone who wants to use it for their personal use. I really enjoyed making this quilt and I think you will also. I think it is a fairly easy quilt to make. You can use up scraps of fabric and make the different blocks. I used my fabric designs on Spoonflower, called Here Birdie, Birdieclick here for pattern

Of course I would love it if you used that also! The solid colors I purchased and were not my fabric designs.

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I am so lucky as a fabric and surface designer to have a company like Spoonflower to help me with my creative ideas. I was working on this quilt using some of my collection from Evelyn’s Sewing NotionsEvelyn's Sewing NotionI had wanted to use some white with the quilt design. However after getting the quilt sewn together, I realized I had way too much white. What to do with a huge white border, that was way too plain? I decided what I wanted to do was apply some applique  to cheer it up. After giving it a lot of thought I decided to take my actual design and separate and blow up the design and use that for my applique. It saved me a lot of time and frustration trying to get the applique  just the way I wanted it to look.

side applique of quilt

side applique of quilt

both end corners have this applique on them

both end corners have this applique on them

Spoonflower printed a yard of it and I ironed on wonder under, cut, ironed, sewed it on and was really happy with the end product! Lucky me for being able to use Spoonflower. I then took it to my local long arm quilter Jeannie Horton at Quilting Arts Studio and she did a wonderful job quilting it for me.

At home I worked on quilting pillows and pillow shams to go with the quilt. As you can see too I love to make my queen size quilt bigger than some queen size’s available as I don’t like my blankets showing on the edges of the bed. This quilt will stay in my sewing/bedroom until my sister-in-law claims it in May. I think she will be surprised!


Okay while I am bragging on myself, I also made a queen sized sheet set for her to match. I trimmed the top sheet in a blue gingham check that is part of the collection and trimmed the pillow cases with scissors. I was lucky to find some 118″ white fabric that is scrumptious for sheets. I just can’t find more of the fabric and I want more, I love the feel of it. I need to find a place to get this kind of fabric for sheets.


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