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I decided it would be fun to take a couple of my tea towels and create a purse out of them.

I lined the inside with canvas I had on hand ( all a part of cleaning up and out my sewing room). The top of the purse was trimmed with the canvas as well.  It seemed to need a little fringe to dress it up.

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How lovely to see my fabric design Southwest of Denver 2  made into such a wonderful bag by Cooper & Smith Bags, I knew they were going to make it but it turned out to be better than I imagined. Makes me proud! You can see their designs at Cooper & Smith Bags

They are located in Stonehenge Queensland.



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I decided it was high time I cleaned up my sewing room! I do like order and cleanliness, I really do. However, it would seem like there is a little devil in my room when I want to create a new design. It must make sure to pull out every scrap of fabric I have and scatter it about so that is not a bare spot in the room. Spools of thread scatter and scissors are buried some where underneath the piles. Sparks of creativity then seem to flow. I manage to get something sewn, not always am I happy with the results. This then goes in the pile of I will do something with it later. There is a pattern here, I can’t bear to throw out fabric!

If I make a quilt or pillow shams and there are scraps left, I know I will do something with it later. Later is here and I decided a good use for some of the scraps would be purses. Quite a few of them that I made lately I don’t have here to take pictures of and share with you. Our youngest daughter was home for the holidays taking a break from college and she felt it her duty to help me out by taking them with her.




The purse pictured above is from scraps left over from making quilted pillow shams a couple of years ago. Yes I knew I wouldn’t let that go to waste! Success!



The lace was left over too. However, I had to buy some grey fabric to line it with. It is a vicious circle huh!  I would like to only buy as much fabric as I need at a time, there is that devil again.


I added inside pockets and magnetic snaps.

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tea-towelA new tea towel for Spoonflower’s contest Home is where the heart is. I couldn’t resist this contest as I love designing tea towels.  Voting starts October 13, 2016. There should be lots of wonderful designs to see and vote on.

I have the image set on it’s side because that will be the way it shows up in the contest. We lay them out that way as it fits on the linen-cotton fabric and if you want to order one you can order just a fat quarter of fabric.



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I have been having  fun quilting pillow shams! You can also see them at my shop on Etsy. The pillow shams are quilted on both sides. I am going to start on a quilt that coordinates with them, I can’t wait to get that done.

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I have added some digital paper files to my Etsy Shop. I have been wanting to do this for a long time. Unfortunately I have not kept up with my Etsy Shop, not enough time in the day! I plan on adding more digital paper packs as soon as possible. Some of the designs I already have available as fabric available at Spoonflower. So I thought this would be a way that someone could really get creative. I hope you enjoy them.

Southwest of Denver

Southwest of Denver

Autumn Floral paper pack label Southwestern paper pack label

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Farm Fresh 2016 Tea Towel

Farm Fresh 2016 Tea Towel

Another year just about over with, time goes so fast! I designed a 2016 Tea towel calendar to get ready for the New Year though. I don’t know what came over me actually planning ahead. It is so not like me to plan ahead. Actually Spoonflower is having a contest in a few weeks and a 2016 Calendar Tea towel is the theme. Every year I say I am going to do one and this time I got inspired. I also need some tea towels for my kitchen so it is a win, win situation. The layout on this design is so that you can order a fat quarter on the Linen-Cotton fabric and have one towel fit perfect on it or of course you can order more. Hope you enjoy it. It will be available in a few days.

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