Teachers Rule

I have been sewing some of my tea towel designs. I decided to make tea towels for my grandson’s teacher. I thought it would be nice for her to have something to remember him with. Of course he is adorable and who could forget him! So I thought I would share with you the least expensive way to make my tea towels. I print the towels on Linen-Cotton fabric and I have four towels to a yard of fabric that way each towel is less expensive.  After you have ordered the tea towel fabric from my Spoonflower Shop , I always wash the fabric before cutting or sewing with a mild detergent, not using fabric softener but using 1/2 to 1 cup white vinegar to the rinse water. Fabric softener makes the towels less absorbent, white vinegar makes them soft but still absorbent.

I trim the selvage edge.Then I fold the fabric in half, press, cut along the pressed line. Some times the salvage edges are different widths. So please don’t just fold the fabric in half and cut. Remember measure twice and cut once.Then I have two towels still together that need to be cut apart. I then serge the edges flat. Fold the serged edge over to the wrong side of the fabric  press. Stitch along the edge of the serged edge. You now have a gift for someone special. 















My New Headboard

My husband bought a couple of solid wood doors at an auction for $1.00 each. He had some extra time last week and turned one into a headboard for our quest bedroom. I had originally painted it a brighter white but that was too white so I found some off white paint to tone it down. It seem to work better with the off white and sets off the cabinet I had painted several years back. You can see my husband screwed the door to the wall, then trimmed around it.  I don’t think anyone would guess it was a door to begin with.DSC03497DSC03559








I have been having  fun quilting pillow shams! You can also see them at my shop on Etsy. The pillow shams are quilted on both sides. I am going to start on a quilt that coordinates with them, I can’t wait to get that done.

I have been having a great time designing tea towels! I hadn’t thought that much about designing tea towels, then I designed the 2016 calendar tea towel. That got such a great response that I thought I had missed the boat. At any rate I had a ball designing the towels and I had them printed , I got them hemmed and now I am putting them on my Etsy Shop. I thought I would share some of them with you. There are a total of 8 designs in this collection of tea towels, each set has two different designs. A total of 4 sets.DSC03172

DSC03159DSC03151Spring 5 & 2

Scrapbooking Papers

I have added some digital paper files to my Etsy Shop. I have been wanting to do this for a long time. Unfortunately I have not kept up with my Etsy Shop, not enough time in the day! I plan on adding more digital paper packs as soon as possible. Some of the designs I already have available as fabric available at Spoonflower. So I thought this would be a way that someone could really get creative. I hope you enjoy them.

Southwest of Denver

Southwest of Denver

Autumn Floral paper pack label Southwestern paper pack label

Here Birdie, Birdie Baby Quilt

Here Birdie, Birdie Baby Quilt

Here Birdie, Birdie Baby Quilt

Here Birdie, Birdie Baby Quilt

I wanted to share this quilt pattern with anyone who wants to use it for their personal use. I really enjoyed making this quilt and I think you will also. I think it is a fairly easy quilt to make. You can use up scraps of fabric and make the different blocks. I used my fabric designs on Spoonflower, called Here Birdie, Birdieclick here for pattern

Of course I would love it if you used that also! The solid colors I purchased and were not my fabric designs.

Farm Fresh 2016 Tea Towel

Farm Fresh 2016 Tea Towel

Another year just about over with, time goes so fast! I designed a 2016 Tea towel calendar to get ready for the New Year though. I don’t know what came over me actually planning ahead. It is so not like me to plan ahead. Actually Spoonflower is having a contest in a few weeks and a 2016 Calendar Tea towel is the theme. Every year I say I am going to do one and this time I got inspired. I also need some tea towels for my kitchen so it is a win, win situation. The layout on this design is so that you can order a fat quarter on the Linen-Cotton fabric and have one towel fit perfect on it or of course you can order more. Hope you enjoy it. It will be available in a few days.

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