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Quilt blocks for my Farm Life quilt, quilt block #2 is one of the blocks I designed to use in the quilt. Quilt block #4 was also used I just flipped it over for every other one.


quilt block2

Quilt Block 2


quilt block 4

Quilt Block 4


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I have been having  fun quilting pillow shams! You can also see them at my shop on Etsy. The pillow shams are quilted on both sides. I am going to start on a quilt that coordinates with them, I can’t wait to get that done.

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Mad About Plaid Quilt

Mad About Plaid Quilt

I designed this quilt for my grandson. It happens that blue is his favorite color right now, yellow and red a close second. I of course love plaid, lots and lots of plaid! So I designed some plaids with his favorite colors and came up with the idea of using oversize nine square blocks to keep the quilt simple. Of course he had final approval.

I have come to the conclusion that I love fabric, I love to sew but I am always wanting to get on to the next project. There might be a little ADHD in me! I don’t love to fuss over things. I do so admire quilters that create quilts with all the tiny pieces and intricate patterns. They amaze me and I drool over them. For a long time I thought I had to do it that way and of course with my total lack of patience it did not go well. I spent more time removing stitches then stitching. Or throwing it in a pile of other not so successful projects. Promising myself I would figure it out later.

Now I create my own quilt designs, sometimes changing it in mid way through. I have decided what I enjoy is the color and the fabric designs themselves. If it is a design I especially enjoy I want to see more of the design so I don’t think a traditional pattern on it’s own is what I want for it. Maybe a traditional block but oversize works for what I want. I also have a hard time sticking to the ¼ inch seam, so if I am using bigger pieces I generally use ½ inch seams. I figure I can trim the seams if I need to.

Block 1

Block 1







The quilt is fairly easy to make as I used the strip quilting method. Each block is 19 inches square (remember I am using ½ inch seams). I also have strips of fabric at the top of the quilt, I just like the look. I did use a lot of white fabric in this design. I thought it would show off the plaid more.I found a plain yellow fabric that matched the yellow in my plaid for the round bolster pillow. For his pillow sham I decided to keep it simple. It is basically and bit of an over sized pillow case, before sewing it together I quilted the fabric. After sewing it together I bound the edge in the solid yellow fabric.  To get a copy of the pattern click on this  mad about plaid twin size quilt pattern if you have any questions about the pattern please feel free to ask.

Mad About Plaid fabric can be found at Spoonflower.com. I have quite a few fabric collections on there now.

I am learning to free motion quilt on my home sewing machine. I have a lot to learn and a lot of practice to do. That is pretty obvious in the photo’s. All I want for Christmas is a long arm machine! I have asked for information on the machines from several Linkedin groups I belong to and they have been kind enough to share their experience with me. I have to take some time and try out machines.

The headboard was built by his grandfather. Kind of an all in the family thing. My husband builds wonderful things and I get to paint them and sew.

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I am so lucky as a fabric and surface designer to have a company like Spoonflower to help me with my creative ideas. I was working on this quilt using some of my collection from Evelyn’s Sewing NotionsEvelyn's Sewing NotionI had wanted to use some white with the quilt design. However after getting the quilt sewn together, I realized I had way too much white. What to do with a huge white border, that was way too plain? I decided what I wanted to do was apply some applique  to cheer it up. After giving it a lot of thought I decided to take my actual design and separate and blow up the design and use that for my applique. It saved me a lot of time and frustration trying to get the applique  just the way I wanted it to look.

side applique of quilt

side applique of quilt

both end corners have this applique on them

both end corners have this applique on them

Spoonflower printed a yard of it and I ironed on wonder under, cut, ironed, sewed it on and was really happy with the end product! Lucky me for being able to use Spoonflower. I then took it to my local long arm quilter Jeannie Horton at Quilting Arts Studio and she did a wonderful job quilting it for me.

At home I worked on quilting pillows and pillow shams to go with the quilt. As you can see too I love to make my queen size quilt bigger than some queen size’s available as I don’t like my blankets showing on the edges of the bed. This quilt will stay in my sewing/bedroom until my sister-in-law claims it in May. I think she will be surprised!


Okay while I am bragging on myself, I also made a queen sized sheet set for her to match. I trimmed the top sheet in a blue gingham check that is part of the collection and trimmed the pillow cases with scissors. I was lucky to find some 118″ white fabric that is scrumptious for sheets. I just can’t find more of the fabric and I want more, I love the feel of it. I need to find a place to get this kind of fabric for sheets.


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Spring Cheater Quilt at Spoonflower.com

Spring Cheater Quilt at Spoonflower.com

Can you believe I’m talking about Spring when there is snow on the ground and a snow storm coming tonight! However Spoonflower.com is having a design contest that I decided to enter. The contest starts January 9, 2014.

I wanted to enter this contest since I have been having a love affair with making quilts the last few months. My spare bedroom is knee deep in fabric, I straightened it out and someone must have come in the middle of the night and made a mess! Ok, the sad truth is that I can not, no matter how I try, make myself be neat when I am creating something.

In the next few weeks I plan to post a free quilt pattern and a tutorial on how to make it. I will be using fabric that I have had for longer than I care to admit. This was long before I started designing my own fabric. So check back if you want to quilt along with me.

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Twin Quilt using Swatches from "Nature" Collection

Twin Quilt using Swatches from “Nature” Collection

I have been busy having fun! I bought myself a new sewing machine and have been as busy as I can be quilting. Okay I have to confess as long as I have been sewing ( more years then you need to know) I had no idea what a walking foot was. I used to quilt my quilts by hand which I truly enjoy. However I did not make that many quilts. I did more personal or home decor sewing. At any rate my machine came with a walking foot. It is the most marvelous thing! I can machine quilt my quilts and not have it push the fabric all over the place. I am using up tons of fabric I have had around for a long time and I am also using my own fabric designs which I am really excited about. The last three quilts I have made I used up swatches of my fabric designs from Spoonflower. My Grandmother always taught us “waste not want not”, so with that in mind I made quilts! The first quilt made with swathes from my “Roaring Twenties” collection I had a wonderful lady in town that does long arm quilting, quilt it. The next ones being smaller I quilted on my machine. Using of course the walking foot.
Lap Quilt from Bay City Chicks Collection

Lap Quilt from Bay City Chicks Collection

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Lots of fresh clean white for your shabby chic bedroom. This bedroom collection reminds me of a country cottage. Freshly laundered bedding that makes you want to curl up, read a good novel and let the cares of the day disappear! This is truly a one of a kind bedding collection.
DSC01964 DSC01967
I wanted to share with you the bedding collection I just finished. The fabric is from my collection “Roaring Twenties”. I purchased the top and bottom sheet then trimmed the top sheet with my fabric. I have been searching every where to find 100% cotton fabric that is wide enough to make my own sheets. If anyone out there knows of a good place to purchase sheet quality fabric 100% cotton please let me know.

This bedding set can be purchased at: Zibbet.com


Roaring Twenties Queen size bedding set

Roaring Twenties Queen size bedding set

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