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Spoonflower is having a sale yeah!  Until 10 am EST Nov. 9 th. you can buy 2 fat Quarters for the price of one. Now is the time to stock up. Calendar tea towels from your favorite designer would be great gifts for yourself or to give to someone special. You can also buy fat quarters of other fabric from your favorite designer for a project you have been waiting to do.



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Cut & Sew Shopping Bag

Cut & Sew Shopping Bag

Spoonflower.com is having a contest for Cut & Sew Shopping Bags. I got excited about this contest so I thought I would have ago at it. At first I worked on a floral design and yes I do love floral designs! My first thought had been a shopping bag for shopping at the mall. Then I thought this should be more about shopping for groceries. So I dusted off a collection I had started a while back titled Mrs. Brown’s.
I thought this would be perfect for a grocery shopping bag. I worked on adding to the collection, that was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed it.

The collection was named after my daughter Sara Brown, she is a wonderfully dedicated wife and mother. Always concerned about good nutrition for her family and on the lookout for new recipes to try.

The Spoonflower contest starts April 17, 2014. I would certainly appreciate your vote.

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I need potholders, it would be so easy to pick some up at the store. Only no they don’t seem to have the potholders I want. I don’t want to buy a set with the potholder glove. I rarely ever use them. I don’t want the potholders that have a pocket you put your hand in either. They don’t seem flexible enough to get a hold of the lid of a pot for me. I just want the old-fashioned kind.

That was what I was thinking before our company from Arizona came, I know we will be doing a lot of cooking, big family meals everyday. I am not crazy about cooking everyday, however when the family gathers at the table I am happy. I know that some of the food on the table will be from fruit or vegetables grown by us. In a home we built, with family we love. It absolutely can’t get any better then that!!

I gathered what potholders I could find , embarrassed because they were ratty looking and promised myself I would make some as soon as I had some time.

So I will share with you how I made my potholders and some tea towels to go with them. I had found some absorbent white fabric on sale, my daughters and I were going to make tea towels. Of course like a lot of projects I hadn’t finished all of the tea towels. I did manage at one time to get the white fabric cut out and hemmed. Then they went into the closet waiting for inspiration.

I had some of my fabric designs “Here Birdie, Birdie” printed at Spoonflower.com, I decided to use that fabric for the potholders and decorate the tea towels with. I had pieces of leftover cotton batting.

First I cut 2 pieces of fabric 10in X 21in. I cut 2 layers of batting slightly larger. Put one layer of fabric face down, 2 layers of batting on top and the last layer of fabric face up. I pinned the layers together and then quilted the fabric by stitching diagonal lines through all layers. I then cut two 9 in. squares out of the quilted layers. I cut bias tape from a coordinating fabric. Since I rounded the edges of the potholders I cut my bias tape on the fabric bias. I also used a glass and a pencil to trace a rounded edge on the corners of the potholders, trimming the fabric to the rounded line.

fabric & cotton batting layers

[caption id="attachment_704" align="alignnone" width="300"]Sewing diagonal lines for quilting Sewing diagonal lines for quilting

cut 2 potholders 9"x9"

cut 2 potholders 9″x9″

Rounded edges

Rounded edges

cutting bias strips for edging potholders

cutting bias strips for edging potholders

Sewing Bias strips onto potholder

Sewing Bias strips onto potholder

Bias pinned and sewing close to edge

[caption id="attachment_713" align="alignnone" width="300"]tea towel tea towel [/caption[caption id="attachment_716" align="alignnone" width="260"]Sewing a strip of fabric to the tea towel Sewing a strip of fabric to the tea towel

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I just wanted to share with you a design I created for a contest on  HTTP://www.Spoonflower.com .  The design is called Retro Kitchen. For this contest we were limited to the colors you see on the design. It also had to have the Retro Kitchen feel. I hope I have accomplished the retro look. It is challenging to come up with a design when you are limited on your color choice. I have to say though it is fun to challenge yourself.

A great learning experience!

If you want to vote for me (which I would truly appreciate) go to

HTTP://www.Spoonflower.com and look for the contest Retro Kitchen which should start May 10, 2012. You might have to login and give your email address but they will just notify you of contests etc.

Thank you for letting me share this with you.

Sincerely, Lana

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